“Ksana is a Sanskrit word that describes an imperceptibly small amount of time. And all kinds of things happen within the space of Ksana that elude our conscious awareness.”

~Barbara O’Brien, Buddhism Expert.

Here at 718 Main Street in Historical Boonton, Joint Communications brings you the Ksana Meditation Center, an “open space” where meditation can occur in peace, serenity and quiet. There will be daily guided meditations with additional takeaway information on upcoming events. Some of what can be expected are lectures, seminars, workshops, and the like with a focus on Spirit, Body and Mind enhancement. Yoga, Reiki, Past life regression, Massage, Psychic and Shamanic arts will be a part of the fare. Our calendar will grow as the growth allows, and our offerings will include something of interest for all. This “open space” is a living, evolving, community building activity that all will have a voice in and help co-create. This space is open to all.

Historical Boonton is centrally located in the tristate area and provides a safe and energetic atmosphere for all of it’s residents and visitors alike. Main Street Boonton is easy to get to, offering abundant parking, excellent eateries and a spectacular view of the surrounding area. With a rich history in Native American culture the majesty of its first peoples can be felt in the air. There is something magical here in Boonton. I felt it immediately upon my first visit to the town.

During my second visit to Boonton and many years after clearing away the stumbling blocks along my particular path I acquired the space. We are housed within a one hundred year old commercial building on Main Street itself. Within the walls of our center constructed of two foot thick brick and cement you can feel safe. The silence these walls provide against the normal noise we are accustomed to is cleansing. The simplicity of the architecture and the non-use of cluttering props will lend itself to a relaxing meditative state and provide an opportunity to comfortably access the space in between our thoughts. This open space is where we connect with our “source.”

Please accept my invitation to Meditate today:
Greg Schrumpf