“With the blink of an eye you finally see the light.” ~Aerosmith.

My name is Greg Schrumpf, and I started Joint Communications in 1998 out of an intense desire to participate in the process of spiritual evolution and to help others on their Path. I believe we are all on the same Path; some of us acknowledge it and some of us have yet to acknowledge it. Through a series of both unfortunate and fortunate events on my Path, this center has come to life. Through inner peace by way of meditation we find balance, purpose, clarity, and focus. Through the Healing Arts we refine our focus and unclutter ourselves from the obstacles that separate us from our “Source.” The meditative process will let us access the space between our thoughts, the space between our frustrations and our stresses, as well as our problems and our attachments. In this state we can be free. In this state we can be grateful for life regardless of our lives. We will recognize our Path and we will remain on it.

Joint Communications Inc. Mission Statement

Joint Communications was incorporated in 1998 out of an intense desire to participate in the process of recovery by provide the right information to the right people in the right places at the right time in their lives to promote a shift in thinking. The inmate population housed in every Jail or Prison contains men and women that are suffering through drug and alcohol addictions that have a devastating effect on the individual, their families, and the communities they live in. It is no secret that anyone who suffers with substance abuse issues is searching for something. The mistake in thinking that the substance is the end point in their search causes many people to continue in their harmful activities. The information age is over we are now in the communications age. There is information that can be passed along to those who most need it. While Joint Communications holds no position as to what the best solutions are, it is understood that there is something past the substance that needs to be seen. The pivotal position that Joint Communications seeks to occupy is that of a clearinghouse of healing information that can be distributed to anyone in any institution that is suffering with the disease of addiction.

Ksana Meditation Center Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain an open space where the healing arts community and anyone interested in body, mind, and spiritual development can come together. This open space is a community building activity that is based on principles rather than procedures. Understanding that a steady diet of healing information is the crucible where shifts in consciousness take place the center will be available for use as needed when needed by whomever feels that they have something to offer. We will match participants with practitioners by way of a voting system that can be found on the website and allow people to book their own Events, Workshops, Lectures, and Seminars. The space will also be available for Book Discussions, Classes and Meditation Groups, as well as casual business meetings and conferences. All with an open mind and open heart are welcome to this open space.