“The War on Drugs has criminalized a large portion of our people. 78,000,000 americans admit to having tried drugs. [Many have questioned] the wisdom of criminalizing such behavior. As a result, we now have a greater percentage of our citizens in jail than any other industrialized country… Prison in this country has become a growth industry, with private companies stepping forward eagerly to run them at a profit, a profit with a bright future, since, as things stand now, most inmates released from prison get sent back.”

As this debate regarding the war on drugs continues, what will happen to those caught in the crossfire?

Will the thousands behind bars have hope for a new future outside this country’s broken system?

Who will lend a helping hand to those who have already paid greatly for their mistakes?

Join us in our Mission:

To provide the inmate population a vision of success that can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

It is only possible to achieve success when a vision is in place.

Our definition of success, while not specific to any industry, does offer a clear and concise end point that can be used as a goal.

It is only through the success of others who have transcended the boundaries of prison walls that this goal can be communicated.

Anyone attached to the criminal justice system can be taught how to completely and successfully detach themselves in a non-confrontational way that will produce the desired results we all long for.

Success in the workforce for all.

How This Works

Joint Communications will be funding and distributing every quarter a newsletter for jails and institutions. This newsletter will feature inspirational success stories of those who have done time and found peace after prison. Other topics to be explored include holistic healing practices, insights into how our minds work, and ways to effect a positive change in our lives by shifting our perspective. Those who are interested in further supporting our cause can contribute to our initiative to donate books to the inmate population. Please get in touch with us utilizing the contact tab if you like to know more details.


First off, let me say that you are very talented & courageous. Courageous for putting yourself & your story out there. Besides that, I thought it was a very interesting read. I can relate to a lot of it! I completely agree to many of the things you wrote about. I do also disagree with a couple. Such as, we make our own destiny, it’s in our own hands. I’m a firm believer in, what you also wrote, “everything happens for a reason.” But all-in-all, I think that this book, & others that you are planning to write, will help many people in difficult situations, such as ours. So keep doing what you do! You have a wonderful mindset & talent!

I liked it very much, and it seemed like you were talking about me, experience, and your ups and downs.

Some things you wrote made me laugh. It also took my stress away for today cause when you handed me those papers, I was stressing hard. And like you said in ya story you memorized certain saying or phrases. I did the same. I took a couple things you said in there and applied them in my head. You been threw a lot, and I can relate to a lot you said. God Works in mysterious ways and for some reason God made me cross ya path today for a reason. And it was to take my stress away. Good job, stay focused, and keep writing. Good job, you put it together pretty good. I’m impressed, this too shall pass us by, it’s only temporary!

It was very helpful and well written. I hope your story helps a lot of other people here, even if it only helps one person, then it was worth it.

Our Current Campaign

Bergen County Jail
Population: Up to 1200 inmates
Target Books Donated: x

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