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Alchemy of Transformation: Release, Rejuvenate and Refresh

Experience a profound physical, emotional and mental detox!

Increasing your personal energy may be the answer you have been looking for. The question is… Where does this energy come from? It comes from within. And it can be generated with TANZA

This two hour TANZA experience will increase your personal energy, so you can create anything you want.

The benefits of TANZA are countless

From a joyful workout (and an instant face lift), to a shift in perception and attitude, a sense of lightness and peace, an awakening to a deeper level of you.

TANZA – an opportunity to experience a total transformation: Body-Mind-Spirit.

TANZA – a fusion of free movements, laughing and shaking: A synthesis of tribal music and guided meditation, activating the body’s energy forces to create a total shift in our lives.

Creation is all about movement and energy patterns in motion, spiraling in all directions and dimensions, in a constant, easy flow. By moving, playing, and using the language of energy (symbols, ideas, emotions) you can express yourself and manifest your desires, through the different combinations and patterns created by conscious breathing, music, movement and meditation.

This class blends ancient teachings and modern discoveries in neuroscience to create an internal flow that allows you to connect to a deeper level of your being. Like all creative acts, Meditation in Action too becomes an inner sacred journey – a trance dance, that acknowledges your feelings, your heart’s longings, your body energies, your imagination, visions, and dreams – allowing you a boundless, vertical expansion. Wonder, joy, and curiosity become your natural state of being in the world.

The music is specially selected to include a wide and flowing range of rhythms, beats, vibrations, and tonalities. It facilitates an internal rhythmic connection of our emotional, mental and physical body. This connection in turn triggers a change in perception that breaks down any self-made inner limitations we might carry within.

Dancing, Kundalini, and laughing release, rejuvenate and refresh you. Together with the music, they create a profound physical, emotional and mental detox, with countless benefits: a joyful workout (and an instant face lift); lightness and peace; a shift in perception and attitude; an awakening to a deeper level, to a new way of being in the world.

Side effects too, may vary and may include

  • Spontaneous burst of bliss and joy;
  • Lost of interest to fight, be depressed, worried or sad;
  • Releasing of old behavioral patterns and emotions;
  • Spontaneous healing may also occur.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the event

  • Wear comfortable clothes so that you can move freely.
  • Bring a small towel and plenty of water for your transformation work.
  • Bring a light blanket for the meditation, and a note pad for recording the gifts and messages you may receive during your journey.
  • And, last but not least, bring a willingness to shift and transform.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!

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