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Linda Armstrong, pure love energy llc.
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I am an Energy Healer specializing in the GATE Method and a Master Law of Attraction Energy Coach. I am also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Light Body Practitioner.
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It was a tear in my rotator cuff that brought me to all that I now do. As a Karate Instructor this was not a good thing but it was perfect as it lead me to be a healer. I healed my rotator cuff with meditation and it has lead me to now be a Healer. Thank you Spirit!

I presently have my Healing Center in Tenafly NJ. I also work over Skype with people all around the world. Skype awesome! I work mainly with The GATE Method of Healing. I connect with my Guides and Healers in Spirit as I work with The GATE Method. This method works with your body as the tool that will show me and you where your resistance is held and I then work to release that energy.

I will also use many other Coaching Techniques to assist you in creating your desires. Everything is Energy! When you learn how to work with your own energy you can create anything, what ever you truly desire. It does not have to be hard, it can happen easily. You just need a little guidance on how to manifest. What I love doing is combining Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Coaching and teaching you what you can do in your day to day life to create the happiness and joy you seek.

Hmmm, that is a fun one, future. Well, I allow Spirit to guide me. And the images I receive often is of having a Healing Center where many Healers come together to help people grow, expand and heal their lives. I love assisting people to awaken to their true power to heal their lives and live from LoVe! And since there is not one cookie cutter way of doing that I would like to gather up many healers of many modalities and have a place where people can find what they need. It will be a center that does not only Healing, but Teaching and other creative ways of healing such as with artistic expression. It actually would be a place that itself finds more and more ways of expanding and creating.

Linda Armstrong, pure love energy llc.
Energy Healer / Energy Coach

I hold in person Healing and Coaching Sessions as well as Meditation Groups in my Tenafly NJ location. I also offer these services online and over Skype. I have worked with people all around the world to assist them in healing and self empowerment.

What I do is Energize your Mind, Body and Spirit. I assist you to re-energize your mojo, that magical power within. You can visit my website at: to learn more.

I’d love to show you that you can absolutely release the patterns and energetic blocks that are keeping you from living a Happy, Healthy, Love filled Life! You can rid yourself of all those things that keep pulling you off course and stop you from succeeding, all the fear, the doubt, the worry. All those subconscious thoughts that tell you that you are not good enough. Start living an inspired life, re-energized, knowing what it is you are here for and going for it! It’s all done through the energy of LOVE! We will work together to re-energize your mojo, that magical power-with-in that is always guiding you, wanting to get your attention. With that deep connection to the very center of yourself, you will create a life you LOVE living!

You can visit my website for more information. You will find many testimonials and articles I have written that will give you a bigger picture of who I am and what I do.